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What are the main materials of arc spraying?

Apr 21, 2021

What are the main materials of arc spraying?

Arc spraying materials mainly include non-ferrous metal wire (aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel aluminum alloy), ferrous metal wire (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.), powder core wire, etc.

1. Zinc and zinc alloys have good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere or water. Adding aluminum to zinc can improve the corrosion resistance after spraying, because Zn-Al alloy wires are often used as spraying materials. Zinc spray coating has been widely used in outdoor steel components, such as water gates, bridges, towers and containers, etc.

2. Aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminum wire is similar to zinc when used as anti-corrosion spray coating. Compared with zinc wire, it has a lighter specific gravity and an economical price.

It has better corrosion resistance in gases containing sulfur dioxide. Aluminum spray coatings are widely used in water storage containers, steel components surrounded by sulfur gas, food storage, combustion chambers, ship hulls and gates.

3. Nickel and nickel alloys, mainly nickel-chromium alloy wire 45CT, nickel-aluminum alloy wire NiAl955, have very good high temperature oxidation resistance, mainly used for arc spraying boiler pipes.

4. Carbon steel and stainless steel have the characteristics of high strength, good wear resistance, and economical price, such as SS420, SS316

5. Copper and copper alloy, aluminum bronze coating has high bonding strength, strong seawater corrosion resistance, and good corrosion fatigue and wear resistance. It is mainly used for spraying water pump blades, airlock valves, pistons, and bearing surfaces. Spray bronze castings and decorative parts can also be used.

6. Powder-cored welding wire, 3Cr13, 4Cr13, 7Cr13, etc. are used as wear-resistant spray materials with good high temperature 

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