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Sandblasting machine/sandblasting tank

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Sandblasting machine/sandblasting tank

The sandblasting machine we produce is novel in design, easy to operate, good in processing efficiency, and low in energy consumption. The automatic sand-returning cyclone can separate dust and sand to reduce abrasive consumption.


Pretreatment before electroplating and sandblasting to improve adhesion; cleaning; casting/stamping/heat treatment to descaling; rust removal; light decoration and matt; surface treatment of all metal products/plastic crafts/jewelry/glasses/watches.


Diameter: 400mm

Height: 1010mm

Volume: 0.10m3

Can be connected to the nozzle: 1

Cleaning efficiency: 10-18m2/h

Cleaning level: Sa2.5-3.0

Air compressor requirements: 2m3/min

Pressure requirement: 0.5-0.8Mpa

The above parameters are for reference only, and are designed according to the materials used or your require.

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