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Aluminium Wire

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Aluminium wire (Al wire ,Pure Aluminium Wire,anti corrosion for aluminum wire, Aluminium Line and Spray Finishing Aluminium Wire) ,The surface of aluminium wire is smooth and bright; no break of wire exists; single wire has no greasy dirt, burr, scratch or scar; there is no block of device in application.

The product adopts high quality aluminium ingot, no other substances enter the process from raw material (aluminum ingot) input to strip output, and the product is not exposed to other metal. The detection adopts DF-100 type direct-reading spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrum and other high-end testing instruments. Strict check and detection are conducted in the whole working procedures including raw material-wire output-big drawing-middle drawing-water tank-baling-storage. Not a tiny detail is neglected. Hence, the long-term stability of product performance is ensured. The content of each batch of aluminum wire is guaranteed to be above 99.7%.



product Name



Aluminum Content


Aluminium Wire

1.0- 5.0mm





Cable industry and thermal spraying, aluminum spraying and anticorrosion on the surface of capacitor, power tower, iron tower, container, derrick, bridges, sluice gate, tunnel framework, metal support, large steel structure and others.


1. The size and shape of spraying  Aluminum Wire are insusceptible. Spraying can be conducted on the whole surface, or on a large defined surface, which is a convenient and economical method in coating the partial surface of a large unit.

2. The parent material doesn’t change. For the heated temperature on parent material is low during spraying, the work piece only distorts slightly.

3. The thickness of coating varies in a large range, from several microns to several millimeters.

4. Spraying moulding is available. Thermal spraying technology can not only form a coating on the surface of material, but also be used to manufacture machinery parts, namely, spraying molding products.

Transportation & Storage: Wrap page and means of transportation with acid, alkali or salt that may corrode aluminum are forbidden. Aluminium segment should be stored in a dry and ventilated storeroom which is free of corrosive substance and be protected from rain.



Aluminium wire is widely applied to thermal spraying anticorrosion, container, bridge, head frame, storage tank, electric iron tower, poles and towers, capacitor, metal bracket, nodular cast iron pipe, traffic equipments, etc.


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