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Environmentally friendly sandblasting machine

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Environmentally friendly sandblasting machine

The environmentally friendly sandblasting machine designed by our company has the advantages of novel design, convenient operation, superior processing performance, fast sandblasting speed and deep impact.

The self-pressure tank part adopts the newly developed exhaust valve setting, which solves the problems that are prone to common presses on the market at present, and especially reduces the damage of the exhaust solenoid valve.

In addition, the environmentally friendly sandblasting machine is equipped with a series of suction and dust removal separation to protect the environment.


Suitable for fast sandblasting of small and medium-sized and high-hardness workpieces. For example: degreased casting parts, heat-treated parts, engine parts, valves, stone, etc.

Dust removal method: bag type dust collector, using pneumatic automatic, vibration cleaning

The above parameters are for reference only, and are designed according to the materials used or your require.

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