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Zinc thermal spray wire

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Zinc thermal spray wire is also called Pure zinc wire ,Metallizing zinc coatings wire, Arc spraying wire ,Metallizing Coating wire, which is mainly used in surface zinc spraying and corrosion protection industry.and the surface of zinc wire is smooth and bright, no broken wires, no greasy dirty and burrs, no scratches and scars, no jam in the process of use .


Product purity: zinc content more than 99.995%


Package: 20--50kg/Bundle/Coil ; 15kg-20kg/Shaft(Spool) ; 50kg-250kg/Barrel(Drum)

Material: 0# zinc ingot


1.The size and shape of spray will not be affected. You can spray on the whole surface, and also you can spray the limited surface which is convenient and economical to the parts of large conponents.

2.The parent material will not change. Because when spraying, the parent material will become small due to low temperature.

3.The thick of coating can be changed in large range from several microns to several millimeters

4.It can be sprayed to form shapes. Hot spraying technology can be used not only to form shape in the surface, but also to manufacture mechanical parts, that is spraying molding products.

Metalized Zinc coatings are anodic to steel. arc sprayed zinc wire protect steel exactly the same way, the zinc provides a protective layer over the steel/workpiece . Because it is anodic, zinc will also sacrifice itself to absorb the corrosion that nature intended for the steel.


Zinc thermal spray wire (thermal spray Zinc Wire) for metallizing zinc coatings to a variety of industries

such as:

1. Galvanized steel pipe (galvanized steel square tube, galvanized round pipe, high frequency welded pipe, greenhouse pipe)

2. Wind power industry (wind turbine, wind turbine hub spray zinc, wind power flange spraying zinc, wind tower, wind turbine components, wind power bearing seat)

3.Iron spray zinc anti-corrosion

4. Ductile iron pipe / underground pipeline

5. Container industry -- refrigerated containers

6. Electric power tower (power pole)

7. Metallized film capacitor spray zinc

8. The surface of the bridge spray zinc corrosion (bridge wind braze spray zinc, steel beam sprayed zinc)

9. Traffic equipment fence spray zinc (road and bridge fence and the connection plate spray zinc, road and bridge fence spray zinc)

10. Spraying zinc on Expressway display rack

11.Water conservancy gate and facilities spraying zinc anti-corrosion (water conservancy facilities pipeline, steel gate spraying zinc, hoist)

12. Steel structure surface

13. Shaped steel parts (zinc spray for casting parts, hot spraying zinc for welded joints)

14. Electro-galvanized steel sheet

15. Car brake clamp body and bracket (automobile tubing and tubing assembly)

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