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Arc spraying wire QG60 austenitic stainless steel wire

May 15, 2023

Arc spraying wire QG60 

QG60 is an erosion-resistant powder core wire, the outer skin is austenitic stainless steel, and the main components of the core powder are CrB2, Cr3C2, Ni, Cr, Mo, RE, etc. It is a special arc spraying wire.

QG60 -arc spraying wire_副本.jpg

It not only has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, but also has strong performances such as blowing damage resistance, slag corrosion resistance, splash corrosion resistance, cavitation resistance and high temperature resistance.

Arc spraying cored wire QG60  is especially suitable for large-scale production of protective coatings under working conditions such as steam soot blowers, converter hoods, high-speed paper machine dryers, circulating fluidized bed boilers, etc., which have blowing damage, impact wear, cutting wear, splash erosion, and slag erosion.

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