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What is the significance of industrial anti-corrosion and anti-wear?

Jul 25, 2023

What is the significance of industrial anti-corrosion and anti-wear?

Corrosion and wear widely exist in various types of equipment in the industrial field, and are one of the main reasons for material loss, equipment damage, and downtime for maintenance. In addition, as the economy enters a stage of high-quality development, the industrial sector needs to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading and improve quality and efficiency. This puts forward higher requirements for the operating parameters and operating environment of industrial equipment, and the operation of industrial equipment under higher operating parameters and more complex operating environments will further aggravate corrosion and wear problems. Therefore, corrosion and wear are not only common problems in industrial production, but also important factors hindering industry development and industrial upgrading.

The industrial anti-corrosion and anti-wear industry is an intersecting field of surface engineering technology and industrial equipment manufacturing. In the production process of industrial equipment, surface engineering technology is used to treat the surface of industrial equipment or workpieces to change the surface composition or structure, thereby improving its corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Anti-corrosion and anti-wear related technologies and products can effectively solve the problems of corrosion and wear of equipment in industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, electric power, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, and papermaking, and achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of equipment, reducing material consumption, reducing downtime losses, and improving work efficiency.

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