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Plasma Thermal Spray Masking Coating Protective Tape Aerospace

Apr 14, 2023

Plasma Thermal Spray Masking Coating Protective Tape Aerospace


Product Description

     Thermal spraying tape, also known as plasma spraying tape, supersonic flame spraying tape. Imported high-strength glass fiber cloth is used as the base material, coated with high-temperature special silica gel, which has excellent characteristics such as strong adhesion, softness, insulation, flame retardancy, and no residual glue after tearing off after high-temperature curing.

     Applied in maintenance centers of airlines, manufacturing of textile machinery parts, printing machinery production, engine parts production and other special industries such as shot peening, sandblasting, wire flame spraying, semiconductor product manufacturing, powder flame spraying, thermal spraying, ceramic tube spraying , plasma supersonic high temperature spraying, and other processes of shielding protection.


     It is used for masking protection in flame spraying, plasma spraying, supersonic high temperature spraying and other processes; masking protection in semiconductor product manufacturing, textile machine parts manufacturing, printing machinery production, engine parts production, and thermal spraying and sandblasting in other special industries.

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