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What are the outstanding features of arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion technology?

Feb 27, 2024

What are the outstanding features of arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion technology?

1. Long anti-corrosion life

According to different corrosion environments and specific workpiece characteristics, through reasonable coating design, the current long-lasting anti-corrosion coating system of

 arc spray has a corrosion-resistant life of more than 50 years, which is 4-5 times that of heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint. Hot dip plating 2-3 times that of zinc and 2-3 times that of

 FRP coating. Therefore, arc spray anti-corrosion technology increases the service life of steel structural parts from 10 to 15 years to more than half a century.

2. High metal bonding strength

The arc spray coating and the substrate work together through mechanical hot mosaic and micro-metallurgical bonding. The coating shows a high bonding force, 

which is three times that of flame spraying.

3. Good production effect

Compared with oxygen and acetylene flame spraying, the long-term anti-corrosion technology of arc spraying increases the production efficiency of double wire feeding

 single machine by 3-4 times.

4. The coating quality is good

The heating method of arc spraying is arc heating, the melting temperature of the wire is high, the melting is uniform, the spraying is dense, the coating quality is stable, 

and it has no effect on the thermal stress of the workpiece, while the oxygen and acetylene flame spraying is flame heating, and the melting temperature of the wire is low , 

there are hidden dangers such as oxidation and carbonization, which affect the quality of the coating.

5. Highly repairable

During the processing, lifting, transportation and installation of steel structural parts, the coating is easily damaged and scratched. Arc spraying technology can repair it, 

ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the anti-corrosion system; while hot-dip galvanizing and fiberglass anti-corrosion The technology itself cannot be repaired

and can only be repaired by spraying or other methods, which will inevitably increase equipment investment.

6. Good universality

Arc spraying technology can select corresponding corrosion-resistant materials according to different corrosive environments, and the process system has universal adaptability; 

hot-dip galvanizing can only prepare zinc coatings. For complex corrosive environments, a single zinc coating is often difficult to adapt to, so hot-dip galvanizing

 The galvanizing anti-corrosion method has poor adaptability.

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