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Why are the U shaped aluminum sausage clips on both ends of the ham sausage sealed?

Jun 18, 2020

There are many delicious snacks in China, and ham sausage is one of them, which is not only delicious and nutritious, but also convenient to eat. As we all know, there is a Aluminum ring on each end of the ham sausage, which is very reliable, so do you know why the ham sausage must be sealed with an aluminum clips ?

       It is determined by the characteristics of aluminum material:

      1. Excellent acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance

      2. Good toughness, high strength, easy to break

      3. Good ductility, save material and reduce weight

      4. Cheap price

      5. High temperature does not fade, etc.

       In fact, this kind of aluminum sausage clips have good sealing and easy operation , it is widely used in sealing equipment such as meat processing. The Aluminum clips is not only U-shaped buckle but also Great Wall buckle. It is widely used in flexible packaging of various types of supermarket packaging (such as ham sausage, food sealing), silicone glue, emulsified explosives, resin anchoring agent.

      And this aluminum alloy buckle is easy to recycle, and it has a greater recycling value than steel, which can achieve a good circulation and prevent waste.

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