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What's Sausage casing clips ? Packing sealing clip price

Dec 26, 2020

What's Sausage casing clips  ? Packing sealing clip price 

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Aluminum Great Wall shaped R-Clips Packaging Strapping Clips For Chemicals and Foods

Meterials:Aluminum  clips  for  sausages  casing,being  made  of  pure aluminum;

Specifications:Various  kinds  of  sausages  casing  clips  can  be  offered,such as,15-6,15-07, 15-08, 15-09, 15-15, 18-08, 18-09, 18-10, 18-11, 18-12...

Application :The  aluminum  clips   can  be  used  as  sausages  casing  clips,silicone clips; Ham,Poultry,bakery Product,Dairy products,Ready meals,Explosive,Sealing compounds,Pet food;fruits,garlic,edible fungus,anchoring agent and supermarket etc..

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