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Knowledge about thermal spray zinc

Nov 11, 2020

Knowledge about thermal spray zinc

The principle of thermal spraying zinc is to use high-pressure air and pipes to blow sand particles to the surface of the workpiece, to remove the rust and oxide scale on the metal surface. and increase the adsorption capacity of the surface to the thermal spraying layer at the same time. Then, oxygen and acetylene electric heat source are used to spray zinc to the metal surface at super high speed through compressed air and spray gun.

As a result of sandblasting flax coating effective adhesion as a guarantee, anti-corrosion effect of more than 20 years.Although the initial investment is larger than the spraying paint, the spraying paint will be maintained after two or three years, and the long-term cost is much more than the thermal spray zinc.

Thermal-spray zinc anticorrosion process:

Surface treatment-Zinc spray-Sealing treatment-Quality inspection.

Common specifications of thermal sprayomg zinc wire: 1.2mm 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.17mm etc.

Zinc content :≥ 99.99% 

Package :Bundles,Spool/reel ,Drum for you choose 

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