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Thermal spray zinc-aluminum alloy wire material ZnAl85/15

Jun 22, 2022

The zinc-aluminum alloy coating has the stability similar to that of the sprayed aluminum layer and the electrochemical protection similar to that of the zinc sprayed layer. It is an ideal protective layer against seawater corrosion.

In addition, compared with pure zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, its coating has the characteristics of strong adhesion, very good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and superior construction performance. , which can extend the service life of components by 5-10 times.


Zinc-aluminum alloy wire 8515 is widely used in surface anti-corrosion of steel structures, containers, bridges, derricks, storage tanks, power towers, towers, capacitors, metal supports, ductile iron pipes, underground pipes, transportation devices and other surface zinc-sprayed anti-corrosion industries.

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