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The most corrosion-resistant Ideal material 99.995% anti-corrosion arc spraying pure zinc wire

Jul 24, 2021

99.995% anti-corrosion arc spraying pure zinc wire

Arc spraying pure zinc wire Features

1. The size and shape of the spray are not affected. It can be sprayed on the whole surface or on a large limited surface. This is a convenient and economical method when coating is required on the partial surface of large components. 

2. The parent material does not change. Due to the low heating temperature of the parent material during spraying construction, the deformation of the workpiece is small. 

3. The thickness of the coating can be varied in a wide range, and the thickness formed by spraying can be from several microns to several millimeters.  

4. Can be sprayed and formed. Thermal spraying technology can not only form a coating on the surface of the material, but also can be used to manufacture mechanical parts, that is, spray molded products.

The most corrosion-resistant Ideal material 99.995% anti-corrosion arc spraying pure zinc wire

Thermal arc spraying pure zinc wire has excellent corrosion resistance. In different atmospheric environments and different water quality, when the spraying thickness is only 0.8-0.4mm, the durability of the component can be guaranteed to reach more than 20-40 years. It is currently the most corrosion-resistant Ideal material.

Arc spraying pure zinc wire Transportation and storage

It is forbidden to use acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive zinc packaging materials and transportation tools, and should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive warehouse, and prevent rain and moisture.

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