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What are the models and uses of arc spraying equipment?

Jul 24, 2020

What are the models and uses of arc spray equipment?

Arc spraying equipment is also called zinc spraying machine, aluminum spraying machine, zinc repairing machine .

It uses electricity to generate heat energy, melts the wire, atomizes and cools it with compressed air,blows the metal wire to be sprayed into fine particles, and sprays it to the surface of the pretreated workpiece at high speed to obtain the ideal layer.

Models: 180A,400A,500A,600A and so on

Types: push and pull

Spraying metal wire includes: zinc wire, aluminum wire, zinc aluminum wire, copper wire, lead-tin alloy wire, high carbon steel wire, tin wire, stainless steel wire and other metal wire of different melting point.

Application: water pump blade, airlock valve, piston, bearing bush and other surface spray corrosion resistance, wear resistance coating and electrical switches, electronic components , conductive coating and portrait, crafts, cement products and other surface spray decorative coating.

Arc zinc-spraying machine is alos mainly used for steel structure, bridge, wind power generation, railway, sluice gate, petrochemical storage tank, transportation facilities and other steel surface zinc-spraying, aluminum spray corrosion prevention.

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