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The working principle of Pure zinc wire flame spraying

Mar 23, 2020

The working principle of Pure zinc wire flame spraying

Zinc Wire flame spraying method: the earliest invention of spraying method. It sends the zinc wire into the spray gun at a certain speed, so that the end is melted in the high temperature flame, and then it is atomized and blown away with compressed air, and deposited on the surface of the pretreated workpiece.

The spray source is a nozzle, the wire passes through the center of the nozzle, and the tip of the wire is continuously heated to its melting point in an annular flame formed around the nozzle and the air cover. Then, the compressed air passing through the air hood is atomized into spray particles, which are accelerated and sprayed onto the substrate by the air flow, so that the molten particles are cooled to a plastic or semi-melted state, and a certain degree of oxidation occurs. When the particles collide with the substrate, they flatten and adhere to the surface of the substrate, and the subsequent particles that collide with the substrate also flatten and adhere to the particles that have been previously adhered to the substrate, thereby accumulating into a coating.
The zinc wire is conveyed by the air turbine or electric motor in the spray gun, and its speed can be adjusted to control the wire feeding speed. With air gun spray guns, it is difficult to fine-tune the wire feed speed, and its speed is difficult to be constant due to the impact of compressed air. However, the weight of the gun is light and suitable for manual operation. The speed is easy to adjust and can be kept constant. The degree of spraying automation is high, but the spray gun is heavy and only suitable for mechanical spraying.
In the wire flame spray gun, the gas flame is mainly used for melting the wire, and the diameter of the wire suitable for spraying is generally 1.8 to 4.8 mm. However, sometimes larger diameter rods and even some strips can be sprayed, but at this time a specific spray gun must be used.

Zinc wire spraying instructions: The surface of zinc-sprayed steel structural parts should be cleaned. Before spraying, sandblasting equipment should be used to apply quartz sand or copper ore (the grain size of sand is generally 3mm) to the workpiece such as iron tower, The sluice gate, container and other surfaces are rust-free, clean and free of oil. Zinc coating is then sprayed, and the coating is generally 0.2 mm thick, which can keep rust for more than 20 years.

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