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Do you know how zinc wire plays an antiseptic role?

Jul 28, 2017

Zinc metal coatings are anodic to steel, galvanizing and arc sprayed zinc protect steel exactly the same way, the zinc provides a protective layer over the steel. Being anodic, zinc will also sacrifice itself to absorb the corrosion that nature intended for the steel.

Zing Spray Metallizing Wire

Arc spraying zinc, as compared to galvanizing produces a more porous and purer coating. As galvanizing tends to absorb iron into the coating, no iron is in the arc sprayed coating. The coating has a degree of porosity to it, thus, it is often sealed to slow down the dissolution process caused during the galvanic corrosion protection of steel. As a result, the expected life of an arc sprayed coating is way beyond that expected from galvanizing. The amount of zinc exposed for dissolution is controlled by the sealer to allow more than 50 years of corrosion protection to steel.


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