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The technique of using zinc wire on electric arc spraying machine

Jun 16, 2017

These year with the zinc wire market sales volume and market purchasing increase, more and more people join the anticorrosive thermal spraying zinc industry, they know from practice, have very rich experience of arc spraying zinc zinc spraying machine technology has also been recognized by the market. It plays an important role in steel pipe, steel structure, wind power generation, hoist, corrosion resistance and surface treatment enterprises, as well as adsorption capacity. And this seems very simple spraying work, but a lot of skills, then in the end the spray process should pay attention to what?

Electric arc spraying machine should pay attention to safety and protection when spraying:

1, arc spraying machine on the air compressor requirements are very high, first of all, air compressor must reach 3 cubic meters, arc spraying machine normal work, at least 4 kilograms of pressure

2 、 air compressor system bracket fixed, to prevent falls

3, sand material to choose 10-20 mesh. The iron sand surface drying without pollution.

5, summary spraying material requirements, spraying material requirements are very strict, zinc wire content may not be less than 99.995%, zinc silk surface should be smooth and clean, no rust, no oil, no crease, diameter 2 ~ 5.0mm. Work skills and attention, spraying distance of 100 ~ 200mm, the spray gun as far as possible with the substrate surface at right angles, not less than 45 degrees. Gun speed, with a coating thickness of up to 25 ~ 80 m most security.

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