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About Protective Animal Enclosures - Galvanized Wire Mesh

Jan 07, 2017

Galvanized wire mesh is considered more outdoor-friendly as it withstands heat, cold, and precipitation. It is also a cheaper alternative to stainless steel. Galvanized wire mesh is most commonly used for animal control and security. It is strong and durable enough to keep even large hordes of animals comfortably inside.

Galvanized Wire

Three most common animal-related uses of this mesh are:

Aviaries and enclosures for birds. Galvanized wire mesh can be manufactured in varying diameters, so even smaller birds can be safely enclosed. For owners of larger birds, it is important to choose a stronger wire mesh. However, considering the amount of zinc in a wire mesh, it is strongly recommended for bird owners to purchase wire mesh that has been welded prior to being galvanized, and to also wash the mesh with vinegar periodically to prevent zinc poisoning.

Pet cages. Galvanized wire is very convenient as an outside caging and fencing material because of its weather resistance. It thus provides sufficient protection while retaining a free-range aesthetic. However, same conditions apply as with bird caging - purchase galvanized after welded mesh and ensure consistent cleaning to avoid toxicity.

Zoo cages. Zoo owners typically opt for galvanized wire mesh enclosures because of their solid structure and easy installations. The mesh is also available in different diameters, catering to any animal size. It thus offers an affordable, durable, lightweight, flexible, and effective barrier for all kinds of animals.

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