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How to measure zinc content on galvanized wire?

Dec 27, 2016

Comparing to black wire, galvanized wire has stronger anti-corrosion ability, so many customers consider the amount of zinc in the purchase of products. How to do? 

Galvanized Wire

Here I will tell you some steps as followings:

1. The preparation of tools: micrometer, Libra, sulfuric acid solution;

2. Take galvanized wire, weighing, and then use a micrometer wire diameter;

3. Placing the sample in sulfuric acid for a period of time;

4. Pickling to zinc, dry and then weigh, measured after the weight of zinc wire;

5. Put into the formula.

The formula is: <(sample - weight of sample after dezincification) / weight after dezincification> X1960 / wire diameter after dezincification (mm) = amount of zinc, where the weight units are gram (g) The unit is grams per square meter (g /㎡).

We promise that we can provide the enough zinc about galvanized wire.

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