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Barbed wire in the border line

Dec 13, 2016

We establish these barbed wire in the border line also named boundary zone, which is set up isolation zone or buffer zone. The establishment of isolation or buffer zone means that the two sides should be along the edge of a certain distance back.

Razor Barbed Wire Mesh

It is reported that barbed wire is used particularly extensive, not only in the border line, in prisons, camps, prisoners of war camps and other users to limit people, but also on the battlefield for military defense. In addition, it is also widely used in agriculture and all aspects of life and machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food drying, picture tubes.

The enormous cost of razor barbed wire mesh fence along these borders has created an immensely long and heavily guarded obstacle on the Chinese frontier that not only prevents the movement of animals but also has a profound effect on the people-to-people contacts on both sides of the border formed historically in.

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