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How to install field fence rolls?

Oct 20, 2016

Welded wire mesh is seen eveywhere. Since field fence rolls are heavier than barbed wire rolls, you should spend the time necessary to clear a wide enough fence line area to allow you to unroll the fencing.

1. Unroll the fence on the side of the posts you want it placed with the bottom nearest the posts. Leave approximately 2-3 extra feet of fencing at the anchor post.

2. Strip the first two vertical stay wires so that you have at least 12 inches of line wire. With the last stay wire against the anchor post, staple the fence at the correct position. Start with the middle wire, wrap each free line wire tightly around the anchor post and then back on itself for at least 5 wraps.

3. Slowly unroll the fence to the next braced assembly.

4. Stop as the fence is rolling out to prop the fencing upright as shown.

5. Splice as needed. Commercial compression sleeves are well worth the cost.

6. If compression sleeves are not used, leave 6 inches of line wire beyond the last stay wire on both ends of the fence rolls. Match the vertical stays, then wrap each free end of both fence rolls to the opposite fence.

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