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Electric arc spraying wire

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Electric arc spraying wire 

Arc spraying wire spraying materials are generally wire, such as Pure zinc wire, aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire (Ac aluminum, AS aluminum), copper wire, etc. Powder materials are mainly used for flame spraying.

Before flame spraying and arc spraying /wire arc spray coating, pre-treatment is required, that is, sandblasting (shot blasting may not be able to achieve a certain degree of effect for certain special workpieces), in order to achieve a certain bonding strength and avoid spray coating Drop.

After the spraying material/electric arc wire spraying is sprayed by a spraying equipment with a certain form of heat source, its flight time is only a few thousandths of a second or less before reaching the surface of the substrate to be sprayed. In such a short period of time, it is heated, melted or semi-melted to form small and scattered droplets, which rush to the surface of the substrate and are hit into flat stacked small pieces, and the previously generated flat pieces are covered by the later ones. , And soon formed a coating layer made of many flat stacks, that is, sprayed layer. The higher the temperature of the heat source, the greater the impact velocity of the droplets, and the denser the coating formed.

We can provide a variety of thermal spray wire materials, such as: pure zinc wire, aluminum wire, zinc aluminum alloy wire, nickel aluminum alloy wire, 45CT, SS420, etc.

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