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Aluminum shot



Aluminum shot also called Aluminum cut wire shot ,Aluminum wire cutting ,Aluminum shot ball ,Aluminum blast shot.



Aluminum shot is made of drawing, cutting, grinding and other processes.

Bright appearance, light specific gravity, low hardness and corrosion resistance. It will not abrade the surface of the product, and has a significant whitening effect on the surface of the workpiece 




Raw material standardGB/T 3954-2008

Package: 25kgs/bag , pallet /plywood case



Chemical AnalysisAlSiFeTiCuZnMn



1. Surface treatment of metal die-casting parts, precision castings, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing, auto parts, instruments and meters, pump valves and other industries, such as deoxidizing , deburring , eliminating surface defects, internal stress, etching, matte effect, leveling, strengthening, anti-rust before spraying, etc
2. It is applied to the surface blasting treatment of aluminum, zinc or thin-walled workpieces , and the trimming and deburring of non-ferrous metals, which has a significant whitening effect on the surface of the workpiece
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