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Spray Zinc Wire

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Spray Zinc Wire (Pure zinc wire)

The surface of the zinc wire is smooth and bright, no broken wires, no greasy dirty and burrs, no scratches and scars, no jam in the process of use

Product purity: zinc content more than 99.995%


Package: 20--50kg/Bundle 15kg-20kg/Shaft(spool) 50kg-250kg/Barrel(drum)

Material:Adopt 0# distillation zinc ingot .


1.The size and shape of spray will not be affected. You can spray on the whole surface, and also you can spray the limited surface which is convenient and economical to the parts of large conponents.

2.The parent material will not change. Because when spraying, the parent material will become small due to low temperature.

3.The thick of coating can be changed in large range from several microns to several millimeters

 4.It can be sprayed to form shapes. Hot spraying technology can be used not only to form shape in the surface, but also to manufacture mechanical parts, that is spraying molding products.

Transportation storage:It is forbidden to bring with acid, alkali, salt corrosion of zinc by packaging and transportation

shipment, and it should be stored in dry, ventilated, non-corrosion material warehouse and keep out of rain.


The thermal spray Zinc Wire is used in a variety of applications, such as:

1.High-temperature oxidation protection used, for example, to resist gases in boiler atmospheres

2.Coatings to resist heat and prevent scaling of conventional low alloy steels

3.Bond coats for improving the adhesion of top coatings

4.Coatings on moulds in the glass industry

China Spray Zinc Wire is used in the flame spraying, arc spraying, supersonic plasma spraying, the ordinary plasma spraying.


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