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What are the applications of arc spraying equipment?

Sep 09, 2020

High speed arc spraying machine 

Arc spray equipment also called twin wire arc spray equipment and METAL spray machine ,Anti-corrosion or engineering coatings can be applied by arc spray.

Suitable material: 

Pure zinc wire, aluminum wire, zinc aluminum alloy wire, copper wire, high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, nickel aluminum wire and other metal wire

Metallising using zinc wire or zinc-aluminium alloy wire by arc spray equipment, which is for steel and steel structure far better than any other corrosion protection system,Pure Zinc wire or Zinc-aluminium wire coating provide cathodic protection, and also plays the role of a physical barrier.

Arc spraying equipment can be used in many fields :

1.Wind farms /Wind tower /wind turbines , zinc-aluminium alloy wire Znal15 metallising is used to protect the steel on wind turbines at offshore ( sea), while pure zinc metallising is used to protect wind turbines on land (onshore).  

2.Oil platforms,

 Since the structures of oil platforms are in highly corrosive environments, zinc-aluminium coating can prior to painting provides long-term protection for steel against corrosion

3.Bridges and viaducts

Metallising by arc spraying equipment using zinc wire or zinc-aluminium wire is an ideal process for efficient, lasting protection of their steel structures

4.Cast iron pipes/ductil iron pipes

Zinc or zinc aluminium coating can easily be applied on cast iron by arc spraying machine. Combined with a paint coat, it will provide the corrosion protection .


Arc Spraying the two ends of the capacitor with pure zinc wire to make electrical contact

6.Other steel constructions

Zinc or zinc-aluminium coating by thermal spraying will provide the structures with efficient, lasting protection against corrosion.

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