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What are the application industries of thermal spraying zinc wire and aluminum wire?

Jul 02, 2020

Thermal spraying zinc (TSZ) coating can be flame spraying or two-wire arc spraying process, but depending on environmental conditions and application requirements, zinc/aluminum (TSZA) or aluminum (TSA) or thermal spray zinc/aluminium (TSZA) coatings can be used.

1.Structural and architectural metal products

Steel anti-corrosion thermal spraying is used for anti-corrosion of balconies, gates, fences, railings, Bridges,power tower,steps and general building steel components.

2.Maritime industry

The salt water environment is extremely corrosive to steel. Zinc anodes have been used on dockyard/ships for many years. They spray not only ship shell and decks, but also pilot nacelles, oil storage tanks, winches, etc.

3.Oil and gas industry

From the refinery to the pipes and valves used to pump it out. In the oil and gas industry, almost every aspect has a problem that thermal spray coating can solve. Thermal sprayed zinc (TSZ) or thermal sprayed aluminum (TSA) helps reduce replacement and maintenance costs. Such as pipes, risers, buoys, platforms, storage tanks, ships and valves, etc.

4.Galvanised tubes for weld repairs industry

5.Gas Cylinder industry

6.Power capacitors /electrical condenser industry

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