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Nylon Cylindrical filter bag

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 Nylon Cylindrical filter bag (Nylon filter bag /screen mesh)

Filter material: nylon (100% food grade /PA polygamide/NMO) 

Mesh :40-300mesh

Shape: Round bottomed ,U shape ,Squared ,Fan-shaped,Customized 

Size :9x16cm ,14x20cm,19x28cm,20x30cm,23x46cm,30x45cm,30x60cm,40x50cm etc. can be customized


Safe and environmentally friendly, clean and sanitary;

High temperature resistance, moth resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance;

High strength, large elongation and excellent elasticity.

Easy to clean and can be used repeatedly;

Filter mesh reference

60 mesh: coarse-efficiency filtration, suitable for filtering liquids with large particles and impurities, usually used as the first filtration

80 mesh: filter soybean milk or beans, red bean paste, etc. 

120 mesh: household filtration, cooked soy milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit vinegar, Chinese medicine and other homemade beverages

160 mesh: raw soy milk,nut milk , milk tea, coffee, tea, juice, etc.

200 mesh: enzymes, soy milk, milk, yogurt, fried residue, wine, rice wine, honey, etc.

300 mesh: fine filter, liquor, edible oil, etc.

400 mesh: tap water


Aquariums Scope, filters, sinks, washing machines, air conditioners, centrifuges, medical, coffee machines, placement machines, paint booths, car starting systems, sugar making, water pumps, vacuum cleaners, direct drinking machines, air purifiers, oil fume Machines, water purifiers, compressors, tea, wine, beer manufacturing, etc.

Applicable objects

Water filtration, solid-liquid separation, water-oil separation, etc.

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