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5 Gallon Bubble hash bag

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5 Gallon Bag Set / Bubble hash bag /Filter bag kit

Micron Rating: Blue - 220 Micron ; Red - 160 Micron ; Yellow - 73 Micron ; Purple - 25 Micron;Orange - 120 Micron ;Green - 190 Micron ; Black- 90Micron; White- 45Micron

Built-in Mesh Screen

Includes a black carrying bag for easy storage 25 Micron pressing screen will be included.

The Filter bag kit /bubble hash bag can extract valuable plant crystals and divide the herbal extracts into different independent grades. Remove plant dust, leaves and other pollution, and obtain all the best and smallest high-quality herbal crystals to ensure that no crystals escape.


1. Adopt high-density canvas, internally treated by coating process to prevent water leakage and penetration;

2. Each bag is distinguished by color and equipped with a corresponding label, which is convenient for distinguishing and using;

3. The double sewing thread at the bottom of the product is strong and durable and can be used for many years;

4. Each kit is equipped with a ventilated mesh bag, which is easy to ventilate and dry to prevent peculiar smell

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