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The automatic spraying robot/arc spraying machine can be used for arc spraying of zinc and aluminum for hardware(Also known as Automatic Zinc Spray Robot, Automatic Aluminum Spray Robot), wind power generation, electronic components, and steel structures.

Arc spraying by arc robot has the advantages of precision, flexibility and intelligence.And in the spraying process can be implemented detection, control, optimization, scheduling, etc.To achieve increased production, improve quality, reduce costs, reduce waste of resources and environmental pollution.

Spraying Robots are widely used in the production process of complete sets of automated equipment and equipment, and can be used in many industries such as automobiles and auto parts, construction machinery, rail transit, low-voltage electrical appliances, shops, military industry, medical treatment, metallurgy, printing and publishing.

Spraying robot is widely used in the production process of complete sets of automation equipment. And can be used in automobile and auto parts, engineering machinery, electric power ,wind power ,rail transit, low-voltage electrical appliances,  military industry, medical treatment, metallurgy and printing and publishing industries.

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